3 Point Check List for Focus

Life is full of distractions that can take us away from working on our goals. That is why as David du Chemin, photographer, author, adventurer reminds us: Guard your time fiercely. Be generous with it but intentional about it.

This blog post will give you 3 ideas to implement to help with focus.

Ask why? Goals give us the opportunity to define what we want. The most important question to ask when setting your goal is why do I want to do this? We need a big enough why to continue to do the work required to reach the goal, after the excitement of setting the goal leaves us. Not every task associated with accomplishing your goal will be fun or easy. Coming back to your why helps you get those mundane jobs done.

Keep your goal visible. Post your goal on a sticky note at your desk or workstation, as wallpaper on your computer monitor or written on the white board in your office. Keep your goal in front of you as a reminder of where you want to be or what you want to become.

Avoid multi-tasking. 98% of us can only concentrate on one cognitive task at a time. Close out all the programs on your computer except the one you are using to work on your goal. Silence your phone. E-mail and social media will wait until you’ve finished your work. You can return calls or texts. Research done by Gloria Mark at the University of California; Irvine found that for every interruption it takes us a little more than 20 minutes to regain our focus.

What would add to the list? Post it here.

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