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Sound like a dream?  It’s not.  And we can help you get there.

Let’s face it.  2020 was a huge disruption.  Everyone was forced to change the way they did their work, lived their life and interacted with family and friends.   Team members were scattered, working remotely while their managers struggled to figure out how to manage and motivate. 

2021 seems to be getting better.  However, significant challenges still exist.  Maybe this sounds familiar:

  • Employees don’t seem to want to do a good job.  Productivity is down.  Expectations are unclear.  “They just don’t listen” is heard often at management meetings.
  • Uncertainty is at an all-time high.  Your employees and your managers are experiencing more stress than ever.  Toxic behaviors are on the rise, and collaboration is occurring less and less frequently.
  • Difficult conversations are avoided until it is (almost) too late.  Performance is suffering.  Your team doesn’t seem to know what to do when, or why. 

We get it.  And you are in the right place.  Your organization’s culture is built on relationships.  Solid communication, effective feedback, and navigating conflict is the currency that will allow your team to thrive and your company’s bottom line to improve.

That is where we come in.  Our programs are focused on giving you and your team the tools and strategies to:

  • Turn difficult conversations into productive win-wins by learning a proven system and just the right words to use.
  • Turn your workplace from toxic to drama free.
  • Provide much needed feedback to improve productivity, engagement and impact on the bottom line.

Knowing where you are is a great part to start.  Our in-depth employee assessment will identify what issues exist.  Our customized approach using everything from short workshops to a 90 day Conversational Management™ program gives you and your team exactly what you need to thrive, prosper and create a culture where your team loves their job and can’t wait to come to work.

Want to learn more?  Great.  Schedule a free consultation, grab your coffee, and let’s get on a call to uncover what is going on and how we can help.

Who We Are

execuitve coaching michigan
Leslie Fiorenzo

I’ve spent most of my professional career helping employers solve their trickiest people problems.  As Director of the Employee Assistance Center, I was on the front lines learning what works, and what doesn’t.  Hearing the frustrations around poor communication, ineffective conflict management, I felt compelled to start my own company.

A lifelong learner, I obtained a Masters in Human Resource Development from Western Michigan University.  Always on the quest for tools to help my clients I have completed the following certifications:

  • Thera-rising: Drama Free Workplace – Avoiding Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People® and The Conflict Savvy Leader.
  • Conversational Management™
  • Disc based learning tools

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