How do you handle disappointment?

A long time ago there was a farmer who had a donkey. One day the donkey was walking through a field and fell into an old abandoned well. Of course, the donkey was very upset by his predicament and started braying loudly. The farmer heard his cries and came to investigate. He wasn’t sure how to get the donkey out of the well. He called a few of his neighboring farmers and they came over to help him solve the dilemma. Since there was no way to lift the donkey out of the well, and he was an old donkey, the farmer and his friends agreed the best solution was to bury the donkey.

So, they gathered their shovels and began solving dirt into the well and onto the donkey. As you can well imagine the donkey became upset with shovels full of dirt landing on him. With each shovel full he brayed louder, shook off the dirt and stamped his hoofs. This continued well onto the evening. The farmers shoveling dirt into the well and the donkey shaking off the dirt and stepping on to the dirt that fell off him. After several hours low and behold the donkey walked out of the well. With every shovel full he shook it off and stepped up.

I was reminded of this story because I had a big disappointment in my business this week. Something that I thought would come my way in terms of new business didn’t happen. After a bit of complaining I realized I had to shake it off and step up otherwise the weight of the disappointment would bury me.

Mastering a Difficult ConversationLife is full of disappointments. We can choose to learn from it (shake it off and step up) or we can let it bury us. We won’t be able to serve our clients, our team, or our family if we become buried under the weight of disappointment. Need help seeing the lesson in a disappointment in your life? Let’s talk, schedule by clicking here.

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