It is the little things that make a difference.

Little things make a differenceIn working with one of my clients his goal is to be more purposeful in his interactions with his team. He told me he has come to realize that scheduling time to check in with the people he leads has made a difference in how effectively they work together.

He said until recently he didn’t make a point to check in on a regular basis and ask a few key questions. Questions like – what’s working, what do they need help with are fairly standard. He told me when added questions like – what is your biggest accomplishment this week, what is something you do differently than most of your co-workers, and what has been the highlight of your week so far – it furthered the conversation and the workplace relationship. His employees commented how much they’ve appreciated his willingness to spend time and listen to them. He told me in the past he was so focused on getting the work done he was not making time to spend with his team in one-to-one meetings.

This simple change has made a difference for him and his employees. What is your favorite question to ask in a meeting with one of your team members?

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