Lake Story

Lake StoryHave you ever watched a storm come across a lake? A couple of years ago my husband and I were traveling through northern Indiana on our way home to Michigan.  We stopped for dinner at a small lakeside restaurant with large windows overlooking the lake.  While looking over the menu and waiting for our drinks to be delivered we looked out over the water.  My husband realized he left his glasses in the car.  As he stood up to go to the car and retrieve them, I stopped him and said look outside, it’s pouring rain.  We had not been in the restaurant for five minutes, it started to rain that fast.  We watched a speed boat making for cover, the passengers holding beach towels above their heads to fend off the downpour.  The waves rising higher and higher with each gust of wind, slowing down their travel.  And almost as soon as it started the rain stopped and the sun came out.  The boat and its passengers made it safely to the dock and my husband went to the car and came back with his glasses.  All was well as we enjoyed our dinner and watched a magnificent sunset over the lake.

As I’ve been reflecting on the challenges we face today with the pandemic, I was thinking about our dinner that evening.  It seems like we had little warning.  One day it was business as usual and the next we are staying at home to stay safe. But just like any storm, after we run for cover (like the boat and its passengers) or stay put (like my husband did), the rain ends, and the sun comes out. I am certain this will be the case with this crisis.  It is what we do during the storm that makes the difference in our life when the sky clears.

One thing we all have control over is our thoughts we think and where we focus our attention.  Make it a point to fill your mind with messages of hope.  Avoid negative messages and people. Do a good deed. Call someone and offer encouragement. Send a note or a card to a friend or relative telling them how important they are to you. What is one positive action you have taken to weather this storm? Share it here in the comments.

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