Relationships make us or break us

In his book The 100/0 Principle: The Great Secret of Relationships Al Ritter wrote – relationships surround us, confound us and sometimes lead to our defeat.  Interesting, isn’t it.  Unless you are a hermit, you interact with people every day and often those interactions, those relationships can make or break our day.  Think about the last time you received a compliment from someone, it probably made you feel good.  Conversely, the argument you had with another person maybe put you in a bad mood.   If you are anything like me you replay the situation over and over, and let it consume your thoughts. Here is the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we have an interaction with someone, and it doesn’t go as planned ask yourself three questions.  What went right, what needs improvement and what will I do differently next time? These three questions can shift you from worry to calm confidence because you will have a plan for next time. You may want to write down your answers in a journal.  This gets the conversation out of your head and down on paper.  If you find yourself ruminating again, you can say to yourself, I’ve already dealt with this, time to move on.


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