What do you do with a bad shot?

A few days ago I played golf with a group of friends.  On the first tee one of my friends hit a very poor drive. As she walked off the tee box, I heard her say, “It’s okay.  It is a beautiful day and I’m here with friends enjoying the outdoors.  I will do better next time.” Her next shot was near perfect. She continued to have a good round of golf.

Here is the lesson I took away.  Poor beginnings don’t have to be the predictor of the outcome.  Every day we face obstacles. Our plans don’t always work out. It is not what happens to us, it is our thoughts and our response that make the difference.  She could have let that first bad shot ruin her game.  Instead she brushed it off and focused on what she was enjoying.  In every adversity there is an opportunity. Make the choice to respond and not react.