What to do when you encounter a roadblock.

Imagine you are driving to a vacation destination.  You are excited to spend a week relaxing.  You round a corner and see the road ahead is blocked.  There is a sign – bridge out, follow detour.  An unexpected turn of events, yet you can follow the detour and arrive at your destination.

Roadblocks happen to all of us and not just when we are driving our vehicle.  Roadblocks can be those unexpected things that happen that require a detour to reach our goal.

Not too long ago one of my clients encountered a roadblock.  She was assigned an important project, one that would save her employer a lot of money and give her a lot of visibility.  A win-win all around.  The deadline was looming, and she found herself procrastinating on a putting the last few pieces of the project together.  They weren’t particularly difficult, yet she was telling herself all kinds of stories about why the project could fail.  We had our coaching call and dug into the stories.  The first story was she was telling herself was “who am I to take on this task I’m not that talented”. The other was “I’m not smart enough to figure out these last few pieces.” Her inner critic was keeping her stuck.  Using two visualization techniques we changed the stories. She then took action and completed the project.

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