Why love the job you have?

Do you 

Hit the snooze a few times because you hate the thought of going to work?

Spend Sunday night thinking about how much you dislike what you do for a living?

Wish you would hit the lottery, so you didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow?

You are not alone. According to Gallup, 70% of American don’t love their job or feel engaged at work. Here are 3 reasons why loving your work is important and 3 things you can do if you aren’t loving your job, yet.


We are healthier. When we love what we do, it improves our health. Research has found that your chances of having a heart attack are more likely to occur on a Monday. This is partly because of the biological changes that trigger the stress of returning to work.  When we love our work, we experience less stress, greater immunity and better health.

We have increased energy. Energy creates more energy. When we have something to look forward to our excitement increases. Our energy and attitude spiral upward. Our motivation improves. We accomplish more and become more productive.

Our home life improves. When we love what we do during the workday, we don’t drag unnecessary stress home with us that ends up harming our relationships. Just like energy creates energy, joy creates more joy. So we become better spouses, partners, and parents.


Focus on what you can control. Just like the weather, you don’t have control over what other people say or how they act. We do have control over how we respond.  Instead of responding in a like manner to a nasty remark, take a step back, smile and let it drop.  Avoid letting a someone’s bad day become yours.

Be grateful.  When payday rolls around, give thanks. Having an income is better than being broke.  Make a list of all things you do like about your job and the company you work for. Research shows that an attitude of gratitude improves our immune system along with our attitude toward life in general.  Grateful people are happier people.

Get help. Talk with a coach or counselor. You can explore options in the initial phone and discover if the coach/counselor is a good fit for you.  My initial session is designed to identify the 5 things that might be holding you back and the one thing you can do to move forward.

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