Workshops & Keynotes

Providing learning opportunities for your team is a key factor in helping them to become more successful and confident.  All of my presentations are focused on providing each attendee with new skills to put in their toolbox.

If you are looking for ways to improve your team’s leadership abilities, avoid drama at work, and learn how to artfully master a difficult conversation, my workshops and keynote presentations can help.

Of course, I don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions or presentations – if you have something particular in mind let me know.  I am always excited to create something that meets the unique needs of a team.


Making Difficult Conversations Easy: Three Keys to Mastery

We have all woken up at least once dreading a difficult conversation.  You probably thought about hitting that snooze button, avoiding it altogether, or making yourself “too busy” to deal with it right now.  This program will change all that.

Make Your Workplace Drama Free

No one wants to work in a culture filled with toxicity and drama. It is one of the reasons for lower productivity and higher turnover. This program will provide practical solutions to eliminate personality-based conflict and restore trust on your team.

Stop Managing Tasks – Start Leading People

A key skill any manager needs to cultivate is how to shift from being focused on doing the work to leading the team that does the work. In this program you will learn how use conversation to empower and motivate your employees.

Three Key Skills to Thrive Now!

We are living with unprecedented challenges.  Overwhelm and anxiety are part of the new normal for many of us. Focus is difficult and the little voice in the back of your head screams to stay safe, quiet and don’t get noticed.

There is a better way. This session will teach you three key skills to move forward in your “new normal” calmly and productively.