Worried about an upcoming conversation?

When it comes to communicating with people at work, communication is hard. The good news, you can choose your hard. You can choose to be angry, frustrated or upset. You can choose to ignore or avoid. You can choose to use foul language. None of those choices will move the conversation forward or get agreement on next steps. Instead choose to be curious, listen for understanding and find areas of agreement. One of the reasons I created my online course was to give people a way to choose to do something hard and be successful.

How much time do you spend worrying about an upcoming conversation? Worry never solved anything. My course gives you a way to stop the worry and have the conversation. You’ll have a framework for success. Is there someone at work you find it hard to talk to? Then this course is what you need. Click the link below and order The 3 P’s to Mastering Difficult Conversations today. Choose your hard, choose to have the conversation.

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