Yes! Difficult Conversations Take Time

One of the complaints I get when I teach on the subject of Difficult Conversations – they take too much time! Of course, they take time, but avoidance never solved anything. In the long run it will be worth it. The other day one of my clients told me a story about their VP of Customer Service.

A company had a complaint about one of their service people. Instead of addressing the situation with the customer service rep, the VP simply moved the account to another individual. It was several months before the person found out why the change was made. A few months after that the customer service rep left the company and took several clients with her. Had the manager addressed the issue in the first place, they may have retained the rep and their clients. The VP may have saved a few hours up front but the long-term impact cost both time and money.

One of the things that often stops people from having the conversation is they aren’t sure where to begin. I’ve created a number of opening lines you can use. Just respond below and its yours.

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